Voyager 1.0.1

Our first update has just been approved for release on the App Store!

What’s included? Mostly UI and UX improvements: stuff to improve the overall play experience. First up, mission sets now display completion percent with a new progress meter. Earn gold with two stars on every mission for a perfect score!


We got rid of the need to visit a sub-menu to select an alternative probe – now you can just swipe side-to-side on the title menu to switch. There’s also a brand new bonus probe: Mariner 2, the first successful planetary flyby and great-grandfather of the Voyager missions, is free for anyone who rates (or re-rates) the game!


On the title menu, there are links to our Facebook and Twitter profiles (please like and/or follow Rumor Games!). Finally, swipe sensitivity has been bumped up in all menus, and the touch target are bigger for small buttons – basically, a bunch of stuff to make the UI feel better and more responsive.

Check it out today, and let us know what you think!

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  1. Hi,

    I enjoyed playing the Voyager game, and wanted to buy the ad-ons (Deep Space Network Pack, Additional Probes). Is this available for Android OS Phones?


    • Yes, Chris, the in-app purchase menu is reachable from the level set menu (shopping cart icon). Some players have reported experiencing errors attempting to make in-app purchases, though, which we’re currently investigating. Thanks for playing!

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