Work from Anywhere

One of the reasons the digital nomad lifestyle is such a good fit for us is that making games solo is pretty location-agnostic. As long as I have my computer and electricity, I can develop. Throw in a solid internet connection and I’m happy. Once those basic needs are met, the biggest challenges are trying to approximate a good work environment, and maintaining a healthy and productive work-life balance.


Ergonomics are usually non-existent; an ironing board makes a decent makeshift standing desk

Most rentals are aimed at sightseers, so dedicated workspace is vanishingly rare. We’re usually left to fend for ourselves when it comes to managing ergonomics and comfort. Many throw pillows end up as temporary desk chair upholstery, and our first walk through a new apartment includes testing any torso-high surface for standing desk feasibility. Likewise, a minor nuisance like nearby construction or street noise can be torture when trying to concentrate on a challenging task. It definitely pays to give extra attention to complaints about noise levels in apartment reviews.

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Digital Nomad – Year One

Today marks the anniversary of the day we departed* from our home country to live abroad for an extended and indeterminate amount of time. Six months ago, we’d lived in six different countries; since then, we rounded out our stay in Romania and added seven more – Ireland, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Mexico, Peru, and just recently, Argentina. We’ve traveled 63437 kilometers, more than 1½ times around the entire Earth. And now that BuildDown is released, I’m excited to talk soon about some of the other projects I’ve been working on. But today, a look back.

*Actually, the anniversary our “lost day” – we left Chicago December 6 and landed in Chiang Mai December 8. Long flight, long layover and international dateline!


Romanian Architecture, Irish Whiskey, Hungarian Parliament, Polish Headstone, Estonian Park, Mayan Pyramid

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Digital Nomad – 6 Months On


Wat Suan Dok, Plitvice Lakes National Park, New Year’s Eve in Chiang Mai, La Sagrada Familia, View from Penang Hill

This week marks six months since we set out on this adventure of ours. In that time, we’ve lived in six different countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, and now Romania. We’ve flown more than 30000km, or about 3/4 of a lap around the world. We celebrated New Year’s Eve with paper lanterns in Chiang Mai, Thaipusam in Georgetown, Easter in Barcelona, and the new season of Game of Thrones in King’s Landing Dubrovnik. We ate some of the best street food of our lives: khao soi, char koay teow, mee goreng, hokkien mee, mee sotong, pastéis de nata, pintxos, ćevapi, and so much more. And we visited a ridiculous number of castles.


So many castles

I say this not to brag – well, not just to brag – but to attempt to put into perspective the intangibles that make this trip so worthwhile to us. The tangibles, namely that we’re still on track to spend less than we would in a typical year of modest living in Seattle, are the real reason we can pull this off.

On that note, I’d like to talk a little more about how we manage our lives on this unusual trip.

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