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Voyager 2

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In Voyager 2, it’s your mission to launch the Voyager space probes on a Grand Tour of the Solar System. Plot your trajectory to pass as close to each target as possible (without crashing!) to achieve the perfect flyby. Scan for enough data and earn a Golden Record and a spectacular replay of the route your probe actually flew.


But that’s just the beginning. Use gravity to bend your path and rendezvous with impossibly distant planets. Pilot landers to touch the surface of alien worlds. Carefully manage ∆v (delta-v) to inject satellites into orbit and build out a deep space network of relays. And find a way to beam your findings home before they’re lost forever in the depths of outer space.


Crash. Burn. Adapt. Learn. Master real principles of orbital mechanics and explore our cosmic neighborhood in the greatest scientific mission of all time: Voyager 2!



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