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Voyager 2 Available Now

Voyager 2 Available Now

For more than a decade, Voyager: Grand Tour has been delighting fans of physics puzzles and space exploration. In that time, we’ve expanded the game to its absolute limit with new features and expansions to satisfy our fans.

Now, we can finally announce the release of a true sequel and successor: Voyager 2. Completely rewritten from the Earth up, Voyager 2 is a massive upgrade over its predecessor and features incredible, imaginative, and devious new challenges!

  • New objectives: scan, orbit, and land on targets in 70 missions spanning every corner of the Solar System
  • Unique probes: Voyager is joined by a space telescope that delivers massive amounts of data when properly aimed, a purpose-built lander for terrestrial planets, and even a satellite that excels at relaying signals
  • More challenges: launch multiple probes at once to tackle complex and layered missions, building up your own Deep Space Network to push further into the unknown and transmit your findings back home
  • Major improvements: stunning graphical upgrades, gorgeous new replays (including the ability to slow, pause, and rewind), dramatically expanded replay gallery (save up to 100 replays), brand new physics engine (supporting a long-requested feature, fast-forward), and more
  • Built for PC, runs great on mobile: for the first time ever, we’re targeting Steam first, including supporting game controllers at launch. But the game is also highly optimized, so fans of classic Voyager on mobile devices will also be able to experience this new title flawlessly on the go

Voyager 2 is available now:

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