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Unnatural Disaster

Unnatural Disaster is the anti-city-builder. You play as nature, battling for the world against thriving sim cities. Lucky you’re armed with an arsenal of natural disasters! Leverage the awesome power of tornadoes, earthquakes, and more to gleefully grind skyscrapers into dust and beat civilization into submission.


Each disaster has a unique effect, from indiscriminate flooding to the precise sniper shot of a meteor strike. Or combine them for even more firepower! A tornado can pick up flames to become a fire whirl, spreading blazes downwind, while a rainstorm will turn it into a waterspout.


But cities also grow and fight back. Defenses like lightning rods and wind turbines can render your disasters powerless, requiring careful consideration – or an overwhelming show of force – to take down. And beware the dreaded Megastructures!


In this game, you’re not a city-builder. You’re a force of nature. An UNNATURAL DISASTER!

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