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Unnatural Disaster Roadmap

Unnatural Disaster Roadmap

A preview of what’s in the works for Unnatural Disaster.

Steam Release

Improving graphics and cross-platform flexibility to enable support for more devices, starting with a PC release on Steam.

Challenge Mode

Reworking objectives under the hood to enable more diverse and dynamic puzzle design. In addition to expanding the core game, this is a key component for an upcoming new mode. Every day players will get the chance to tackle new and unique challenges, with special surprises for maintaining a win streak.


Easily the most requested feature! Implementation is well underway and coming along nicely. Currently “dogfooding” (testing internally) to develop Challenge Mode, working out issues and improving the interface before eventual release to customers.


Unnatural Disaster was built from the ground up with localization in mind, using the same extensible text backend as Voyager: Grand Tour. But it’s still going to be a lot of work. Not only is there dramatically more text than previous games, it also has a good deal of humor and wordplay that is difficult to translate.

Controller Support

Working to support additional input methods to make the game more accessible across platforms.


Of course, these and other milestones are directly shaped by the feedback we get from our players and fans. Like and share the game, reach out with your thoughts (every one of our games comes with links to contact us on the platform of your choice!), and help us make Unnatural Disaster the best game it can be!