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Announcing Voyager

Announcing Voyager

35 years ago this week, Voyager 1 was launched by NASA to explore the outer Solar System. In honor of one of the most successful scientific expeditions of all time, I am proud to announce Voyager, the next game from Rumor Games.

As an engineer in charge of the Voyager space probe, your job is to carefully aim your launch to avoid obstacles, gravitationally slingshot around planets, and get close enough to your target to scan it – without crashing into it!

  • 20+ challenging levels spread across a Grand Tour of the Solar System
  • Take and share pictures of the planets you’ve explored
  • Online scoreboards powered by Scoreloop

Coming soon for Windows Phone.


  1. Laurent

    I play this a lot, mainly to see if I can keep Voyager going as long as possible on the “Gas Giants” exercise.
    I was wondering if you think it might be possible to send Voyager to one of the planets in your game with a correct angle and power that would put it permanently into ORBIT arounf that planet, ignoring the one I should be surveying?

  2. Great question Laurent, I get that a lot! The short answer is “no.”

    The long answer is… yes! Kind of. Technically, a flyby (or hyperbolic trajectory) is an orbit that doesn’t form a closed loop. To close the loop, you’d have to lose some energy – either by thrusting in the opposite direction during your flyby, or by transferring some momentum to a third object (like an orbiting moon).

    Since there’s currently no reverse thruster in the game (aside from the Apophis level), that means that the only level where it’s possible to be captured is the Galileans level. But it would be really, really, REALLY hard!

    Thanks for playing!

  3. Marc

    Hello, thank you for this excellent game and sorry for my english.
    Can you explain me the apophis level? I don’t understand how to pull it. I can approach very close of it but i can’t pull it.

    Thank you

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