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Also, Rare Earth

Also, Rare Earth

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about Rare Earth! A new update (v0.7) has been submitted to Microsoft for certification. What’s in store?

  • Ability to customize any planet with a moon or rings
  • In-game ability to start a new solar system after your star dies*
  • New abilities for spacefaring life
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

*The ability to start a new system was around in v0.6 – after a star died, a “new game+” option opened up in the About menu – unfortunately, it seems like it was way too hard to find! This update makes reincarnating a star an in-game event, and allows players to carry over life from one star to the next.


  1. Hey John, re-igniting a star is an option in the radial menu (the same menu used to upgrade your star, create new planets, or create life), and is only available after your star burns out or explodes. If you haven’t found the radial menu yet, just press and hold anywhere in empty space to bring it up.

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