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BuildDown is an innovative falling-block puzzle game about merging a cascade of colors to Build denser and denser blocks before banishing them Down the screen to eliminate them.

Activate powerups to blast away blocks, stop time, and arrange clever combos. Shake loose more blocks to play at your own pace. Earn ModXP just for playing, unlocking Modifiers that remix the game in fun and creative ways.

Forget boring old Match 3s, it’s the addictive new Match 2, BuildDown!

Voyager: Grand Tour is a physics puzzle game inspired by one of the most successful scientific missions in human history. Launch the Voyager space probe into the depths of the Solar System, slingshot around planets and through obstacles, and try to achieve a perfect planetary flyby.

  • Dozens of challenging missions set throughout the Solar System
  • Journey between beautifully-rendered 3D planets
  • Experience mission replays from Voyager’s point of view

Windows Phone Classics

Check out this “revolution”-ary new game! Build and grow your own solar system. Earn new planets, upgrade your star, and defend against the cosmic chaos – comets, asteroids, and more threaten the delicate equilibrium.

Do you have what it takes to pilot the Voyager space probe? Your job is to strategically aim your launch to avoid obstacles, gravitationally slingshot around planets, and get close enough to your target to scan it without crashing into it!

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  1. The human creativity is amazing. Congratulations for developing the game Voyager! It is the smartest,the most intelligent and intriguing game ever. Simply addicting. I’ll never uninstall it. Thank you for developing it!

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